Breakfast and Afterschool Club Booking Information

All parents/carers who use the online booking form for childcare services, please read the below booking instructions:

If your child is a permanent booking (same days/times every week) you only need to complete the booking form once, this is usually at the start of the school year. Any additions and/or cancellations can be made using the below addition/cancellation forms.

If your child is an ad-hoc booking, you complete the monthly booking form with the dates you require. You only complete the booking form once. If you require additional days in that month or you want to cancel days, you must complete the correct forms (see below):

Additional Bookings form:

Cancellation form:

Please only add or cancel in the month we are in.

All Childcare forms can be found on both elc/school blogs and the monthly booking form is usually available around the middle of the month.

Thank you


Cross Country Success

We are so proud of our cross country team who took part in the cross country event down at Bught Park at the start of October! Every single pupil who took part did so well and put in 100% effort. Both the boys and girls team came home with bronze medals – well done! A special mention to Archie from P6/7 who came 1st in the boys race – what an achievement!

Panto – Sell Out Performances!

Our Monday 12th and Wednesday 14th evening performances of Peter Pan are now SOLD OUT! We still have plenty of seats available for our afternoon performance on Tuesday 13th at 1.30pm if anyone would like to purchase tickets for then.

This is amazing – thank you all so much for supporting our school pantomime! We can’t wait to entertain you all 😁

Additional Panto Tickets!

A letter went out today to give people a chance to purchase additional tickets for our Peter Pan shows as we have now given out an allocation of 1 or 2 per family group if they have been requested.

if you would like to purchase any more for other family members please return the slip to your class teacher as quickly as possible. Monday is nearly sold out so spaces are very limited but there are still a number of tickets available for Tuesday & Wednesday! Please feel free to invite grandparents along too 😁

Here’s a few photos from our rehearsals today as we start rehearsing with props and practise our scene changes…it’s looking great!! We are very proud of how hard all the children are working!

Parent Meetings This Week

We have been made aware that information emailed out to P1 – P7 parents about booking parent appointments have ended up in parent’s junk emails and they have missed the opportunity to book online for the appointments for the meetings held tonight and on Thursday evening. If you have been unable to book an appointment and would like one, please contact the school office on and we will be able to arrange an appointment for you.
Thank you 🙂


The P6 founders of the brilliantly named “Checkmate” Club held their trial session last week just to see how it would play out. It was a truly fantastic session.

With this sense of confidence they want to extend the club and invite as many children as possible. In achieving this plan they want to initially invite as many P6 and P7 children as possible to get actively involved. This will be up until Christmas, by which time we hope to have even more draughts and chess sets available to spread this opportunity across the school.

Letters to all P6 and P7 children who are interested in becoming part of the “Checkmate” Club will be available from tomorrow – with sessions happening every Wednesday after school between 3.15pm and 4.00pm.

A special thanks to the generous support of Parent Council as well as specific parents who have already massively supported the “Checkmakers” through the purchase of some new beautiful draughts and chess sets. We are all so grateful for providing us with this exciting opportunity, and we are all so excited in seeing the club go from strength to strength in the months ahead. – CHECKMATE…!!!!

Panto Progress!

This week we have had a few brilliant rehearsals for our Peter Pan production, and today was very exciting because today was the day our stage went up! We had a brilliant Stage Team who worked really hard today to get it all set up correctly and safely with the help of Mr Blair & Miss McPherson. We can’t wait to be able to start rehearsing on it now! Our Props Team have also been working very hard behind the scenes and are well on their way creating fantastic backdrops, costumes and props for all the different scenes.

Many thanks to everyone who has ordered tickets for our shows so far – some tickets were handed out to classes today and the rest will be given out on Friday. Our ‘Ticket Team’ of some P6s and P7s have also been working hard sorting out orders and money! It’s all go! 🙂 If you haven’t ordered tickets but would like to come along and see us perform then please hand in any order slips and money this Friday. Thank you!