Update on actions at school linked to Coronavirus

Good morning,

Following local authority guidance issued on Friday afternoon, please see the updated actions at MOL in response to the Coronavirus pandemic:

  • P1A and B assembly will continue on Monday afternoon but will not be open to parents and the wider community. Instead, we will record and take pictures of the assembly so that the children can still showcase their learning in school and this will be shared on the school blog.
  • Parents’ meetings planned for Tuesday 17th and Thursday 19th are cancelled. We will advise in due course about alternative planning to share your child’s progress with you.
  • The McRobert Cup planned for Wednesday 18th is cancelled. We will share new dates if the event is rescheduled.
  • P7 Social Enterprise Tea (Brew with a View) scheduled for Friday 20th is cancelled. Again we will share dates for this community event once we are able to do so.

These actions have been taken in line with the authority’s guidance to “suspend any planned public meetings and engagement sessions over the next few weeks and restrict non-essential staff travel in order to support the national efforts in delaying the spread of Coronavirus.”

In addition to this, the P6 trip to Edinburgh scheduled for May 2020 is cancelled. This is in accordance with the Highland Council guidance also issued on Friday:

“Pending further clarification, and to provide early clarity to schools, parents and pupils, the Highland Council position is that all foreign school trips for the period March to end of June, should be cancelled. This same advice applies to any inward foreign trips, pupils coming to Highland schools.

“In addition to foreign trips, the Highland Council position is also that any school trips out with the Highland region over the same time period should be cancelled.”

We fully appreciate the huge disappointment that all the information above will present to the children and families of our school but recognise that everyone will understand the importance of following local and national guidance in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic. I will send more detailed information and updates in relation to these cancellations by letter home on Monday (which will also be shared on the blog), and will provide any information about any further changes to upcoming events as they arise.

Please see the link below for health advice linked to the virus:

Staff, students and pupils who think they have been in contact with someone infected with coronavirus should NOT attend education even if they are well, but should first contact their GP or NHS24 (111) for further assessment and advice.

See http://www.bit.ly/NHSinform-coronavirus

We wish everyone all the very best at this challenging time,

Mrs Snedden

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