Key Worker Hubs Highland Council Update

Provision of childcare for key worker children has begun. Eight Highland Hubs have opened for the children of frontline NHS staff. The key purpose of each Hub is to provide emergency childcare not a formal educational experience. A Hub model is being established as the most staffing-efficient way of managing this unprecedented need and to ensure that we can allow as many Highland Council Staff to support the national need to support our NHS.

There has been an exceptional amount of work carried out over the last few days to ensure the successful opening of each Hub. Each room within each Hub has capacity for 8 children:1 adult. A detailed risk assessment has been completed and social distancing measures are being strictly adhered to. The number of volunteers that turned up today or that have put themselves forward to support Hubs in the coming weeks and months ahead has been remarkable. School teams, area teams and members of EIT are working collaboratively to ensure the successful delivery of services moving forward.

Hub locations:

  • Inverness Royal Academy
  • Millburn Academy
  • Dingwall Academy
  • Portree High School
  • Lochaber High School
  • Newton Park Primary School
  • Miller Academy Primary School
  • Golspie High School

Central staff will make decisions about allocation of places based on criteria provided by the Scottish Government. We will ensure that the most essential workers are first to be prioritised. Please note that in the event of a family not being offered a place in a Hub, their first port of call is their own employer and not the school.

These Hubs have been chosen to ensure a wide geographical spread. Secondary schools have been identified as the most appropriate settings at this point in time to care for our children aged 6-14. Highland Council is linking in with private providers to care for our 0-5 year olds.

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