Good Luck to Miss Rankin, Mr Hardstaff and Miss Walker

Miss Rankin, Mr Hardstaff and Miss Walker are all off on new adventures within teaching after their time at MOL. It has been an absolute pleasure to have all three teachers with us across the years, some for a few years and some just for this academic year.

Miss Rankin has been some wonderful years teaching Primary 3s and Primary 2/3. She always wears a smile, is very calm and organised which not only makes her a great teacher to the pupils but a fantastic person to share a class with. Miss Rankin originally came to us from Balloch and she is looking forward to returning to Balloch next year. Thank you Miss Rankin for all you have done, good luck and Balloch. We will miss you.

Miss Walker has only been with us a short time but has made a huge impact. It has very much felt like she has been with us for years. Primary 4 have been very lucky to have her and Ness Castle will be even luckier next year. We wish you all the best in your next adventure, it’s nice to know both you and Mrs Tulloch will be continuing to work together and we are looking forward to hearing all about the new school.

Mr Hardstaff is also on his travels to another school in Highland. Croy will have him as their new Primary 3/4 teacher but he will be very much missed her at MOL. We would like to thank Mr Hardstaff for always being so flexible, so supportive and so calming when teaching across the whole school. He got a very loud cheer during our leaving assembly, which shows you how much the children have loved having him. Good luck Mr Hardstaff!

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