We will miss you Mrs Mulraine

Another farewell goes to our marvellous Mrs Mulraine. Mrs Mulraine has been with us at Milton of Leys for a number of years now and is very much a part of our magical MOL Team. Not only has she been an excellent Class Teacher, from teaching “the big Primary 1” class and other classes across her time at Milton of Leys but she has been wonderful at really supporting the physical Health and Wellbeing not only of our pupils but of our staff members too. She has taught us all yoga, she has showed us how fitness really should be done and she has always done it with encouragement and made it look, quite frankly, effortless.

Mrs Mulraine always has always shown to have the best interests of our pupils at heart. She is kind, caring and very approachable. She has been a supportive teacher, student mentor, colleague and friend and she will very much be missed.

Mrs Mulraine has a very exciting new adventure ahead and will be heading off to the very lucky Daviot Primary School. We wish her all the very best and hope she will visit.

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