Panto Progress!

This week we have had a few brilliant rehearsals for our Peter Pan production, and today was very exciting because today was the day our stage went up! We had a brilliant Stage Team who worked really hard today to get it all set up correctly and safely with the help of Mr Blair & Miss McPherson. We can’t wait to be able to start rehearsing on it now! Our Props Team have also been working very hard behind the scenes and are well on their way creating fantastic backdrops, costumes and props for all the different scenes.

Many thanks to everyone who has ordered tickets for our shows so far – some tickets were handed out to classes today and the rest will be given out on Friday. Our ‘Ticket Team’ of some P6s and P7s have also been working hard sorting out orders and money! It’s all go! 🙂 If you haven’t ordered tickets but would like to come along and see us perform then please hand in any order slips and money this Friday. Thank you!

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