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As a school community we have been reviewing the way we organise homework. We gave parents, pupils and staff the opportunity to fill in a survey allowing us to review feedback on topics such as when the homework is given out, the positives and negatives of our current homework system, what subjects are most useful for homework and how long homework should take to complete ideally.

From collating and reviewing the responses we are making some adjustments to our homework approach:

Homework Plan Moving Forwards (2019)

  • Homework tasks will be given out on a ‘4-weekly/monthly’ homework grid with a variety of numeracy, literacy, spelling and HWB tasks
  • A certain number of tasks from the grid are to be completed weekly (4 for P4-7, 3 for P1-3) and homework will still be handed in weekly to be marked/feedback given
  • Reading books (for P1-3) and spelling words will still be given out weekly
  • Homework to be handed in on a Wednesday; only homework given in on a Wednesday will be marked and jotters returned to go home on a Friday.

Please click on the link below which will give you full collated survey results:

Homework survey results 2019

You can find a selection of resources below to support spelling at home: