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Head Teacher – Mr Robert Gill

Acting Depute Head Teacher – Mrs Mari-Louise Macaulay 

Principal Teacher – Miss Rachel Hutcheson

                                Principal Teacher – Mrs Jen Mateer, (Maternity Leave)

Acting Principal Teacher – Miss Emily Scott

Acting Principal Teacher – Mrs Rebecca Irvine

P1 Teacher – Miss Seona Mackenzie

P1/2 Teacher – Mrs Dianne MacQueen

P2 Teacher – Mrs Emily Scott (Acting Principal Teacher)

P2/3 Teacher – Mrs Selina Laing/Mrs Dawn Rankin

P3 Teacher – Miss Rachel Hutcheson (Principal Teacher)

P3/4 Teacher – Ms Nikki Grant

P4 Teacher – Ms Brianna Walker

P4/5 Teacher – Mr Jonny Hardstaff

P5 Teacher – Miss Alison McPherson

P5/6 Teacher – Miss Vicky Sparling

P6 Teacher – Miss  Lisa Coe/Ms Dianne Ross

P7A Teachers – Mrs Kirstien Hardstaff/Mrs Amanda Naismith/Mr Jon Blair

P7B Teacher – Mrs Rebecca Irvine (Acting Principal Teacher)

Management/CCR Cover Teachers – Mrs Laura McColl & Mrs Dawn Rankin

Support for Learning Teacher – Mrs Alison Waudby

Support for Learning Teacher – Ms Stephanie Stein

Pupil Support Auxiliary – Mrs Janice Mackay

Pupil Support Auxiliary – 

Pupil Support Auxiliary – 

Pupil Support Auxiliary – Mrs Collette Adamiec

Pupil Support Assistant – Mrs Michelle MacLeod

Pupil Support Assistant – Ms Lynne Murray

Pupil Support Assistant – Ms Vicky Hilton

Pupil Support Assistant – Mrs Catherine Kyle

Pupil Support Assistant – Mrs Debbie O’Neil

Pupil Support Assistant – Mr Tony Jansen

                                   Pupil Support Auxiliary – Ms Rachael Burberry

Childcare Manager – 

Childcare Clerical – Mrs Katie Cameron

Early Years Practitioner – Mrs Laura Nicol

Early Years Practitioner – Mrs Kerry-Ann Jones

Early Years Practitioner – Mrs Fiona Adam

Early Years Practitioner – Ms Rena Cruickshank

 Early Years Practitioner – Miss Natalie Fraser-Lee

Early Years Practitioner – Mrs Sher Almond

Early Years Practitioner – Mrs Kelly Nicolson

Early Years Practitioner – Miss Gemma Urquhart

Early Years Practitioner – Mrs Karen Newlands

Early Years Practitioner – Miss Sarah Watson (Adie)

Early Years Practitioner – Mr Michael Longmuir 

Early Years Support Worker – Mrs Catriona Nesbitt

Early Years Support Worker -Miss Olivia Morrison

Early Years Support Worker – Mrs Katie Cameron

OoSC Assistant – Ms Moira Campbell

OoSC Auxiliary – Ms Nikki MacRae

OoSC Auxiliary – Ms Sheila Macleod

School Clerical – Mrs Mandy Darroch

School Clerical – Mrs Roslyn MacLennan

Facilities Manager (FM) – Mr Alan Matheson

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